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TMW: Supplements to Help Skinny Guys Build Muscle Ectomorphs


25 Responses to TMW: Supplements to Help Skinny Guys Build Muscle Ectomorphs

  1. bugz970 says:

    The echo on the “fuck you wanna do!!!” scared the? piss? out of me and made me snap all my shit up

  2. beartocouch says:

    My favorite food for getting protein = a $5 bag of shrimp at my local store. Man, that bitch has over 40 shrimp in it and a total? of 84 grams of protein, and it’s not that battered bullshit shrimp, either. I put a hint of butter in the pan so the shrimp don’t burn or stick, dump the shrimp in, season with lemon pepper, pour in a tablespoon of real lemon juice, and cook that shit up. Dump it over a pile of brown rice and eat with steamed broccoli, carrots & cauliflower then FUCK it with ur mouth!

  3. brittaninol456 says:

    Really? if you want to build muscle quickly,
    safely and permanently, then i suggest you
    try the program offered by the site
    and rest assured? that there’s a sixty day money
    back guarantee so no need to worry if you think
    its not working for you. But I wont suggest if
    it doesnt

  4. Papojijo says:

    Im 5’10, 150 lbs.. started lifting 5 months ago and i’ve been? seeing some gains man, ive been seeing some SERIOUS GAINS.

  5. ItsStyla says:

    @Papojijo That’s good man, that’s reallll goooood :)?

  6. johnsoncody17 says:

    I fucking? laugh at the intro of every video, hilarious.

  7. Papojijo says:

    @ItsStyla? LOL ^^

  8. ItsStyla says:

    @Papojijo :D?

  9. g06o1 says:

    First i press ‘Like’ then i watch the? video?

  10. xxxFlyingVxxx says:

    Hey? hodge twins im 5’11 and 165 and my workouts and nutrition are revolved around your advice and i been seeing some gains man, anyways you guys should do a review on Mutant Mass.

  11. ThePumpmeup says:

    is serious mass? very effective? pls reply TMW

  12. MrJazzychords says:

    3:43 Yeah…yeah…yeah…?

  13. baja30 says:

    I am a def? ectomorph and I have been taking quick mass as well as eating a shitload for breakfast. Tbh there actually has been some good gains over the past weeks but I don’t know where the gains are
    Coming from.

  14. slimnskinny says:

    @ThePumpmeup i have been getting weaker for the past year. (was new to working out and i’m a ectomorp) I had no idea what i was doing, but i found out i wasn’t eatting enough. Thats why i became weaker. Im using serious mass right now and i dont use the full serving size. I use half? a scoop because the serving size is so small. Using half a scooop helps me maintain my weight when i workout everyday (+ get stronger) I think it works. Make sure you get the biggest bag.

  15. TheBigBoss851 says:

    im 26,6 feet tall and weigh 130 pounds,been? this weight since i was 15.i eat like a fukin horse and nothing works

  16. thejcjmguyreturns says:

    @TheBigBoss851 go gym with whey protein, give it 5? months and things will change. Its because you have a very high metabolism.

  17. jarden69 says:

    Please someone tell me the BEST workout routine for someone who is Skinny-Fat. My arms, legs, neck are skinny BUT I have FAT on my chest? (Manboobs) and a big ROLL of fat on my stomach. Nothing seems to be working for me…I have done 5×5…Crossfit…P90x…Split Routines…Full-Body HIT one set to failure…and NOTHING seems to be working… If I don’t eat Carbs I get even skinnier arms…but if I eat Carbs it goes right to my chest and stomach. PLEASE HELP!

  18. skotn says:

    @jarden69? /watch?v=fzznHRT_zY8&feature=relmfu

  19. ErChumba14 says:

    @ThePumpmeup imma tell you da truth, i used that? shit for 2 months, and, it does work, but, it got me real bad acne, and if your taking this sup, dont drink more than 1 shake a day, cause you dont want overweight, just a good base of proteins and carbs

  20. InfiniteDirectionINC says:

    you? guys are nuts….lmbo!

  21. InfiniteDirectionINC says:

    @mikenick123 R u still? in school…Stuying nutrition, right? I just looked at all of your vids. I am exausted from looking at them but they are extremely motivating. Why don’t you do anymore? I know people are going to have their comments but thaat still isn’t a reason to stop or even slow down because your pace was great. I also am aware of the commitment you have with school and all so let me know when you start the vids again. Oh, going to start insanity on my birthday bcuz of u!

  22. socomkilla91 says:

    ey man go get some of those dinabol smoothies if you’re an ectomorph tryin to build some muscle?

  23. MrJordansAllDay says:

    THANK YOU HODGETWINS you just convinced me to get on the juice…seriously your saying itll take years to see serious? results FUCK THAT bring on the gearrrrr! woooh!!

  24. JudderSound says:

    I dont want to build muscle I got the? muscle its all proportional I just wanna be big and get rid of my rib cage from showing that bit more so i might give that serious mass thing a go ^^

  25. efcthomasregan says:

    Why is sixpackshortcuts? advertising? FUCK OUT THE WAY I want to listen to the hodgetwins

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